Our upcoming children's book series shares the importance of family, friends, and Christ with young readers.

The first book in our series, Taking the Plunge, tells the story of a young boy named Noah who struggles to find confidence in front of a crowd, making him too nervous to participate in his church's baptism ceremony. 

Though Noah has watched his older brother get baptized, he struggles to find the confidence to take the plunge himself; going to the front of the church, with all those people watching him, is scary! Noah’s grandpa explains links of strength to him: the idea that we can find strength in the people we love. With the help of his family, his friend Ava, and prayer, Noah finds the courage to accept Christ in baptism.  

Taking the Plunge shares the importance of family, prayer, and an unwavering belief in giving thanks for all that we have in life.   

Taking the Plunge will help children of all backgrounds find Christ. Taking the plunge is not supposed to be easy, as this young boy reminds us throughout the story, but it is worth the journey.

This book is written by Cary Knox, represented by Cyle Young of Hartline Literary Agency. It is currently under review by publishers.

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